Incandescent pool lights and halogen pool lamps are allowed to be sold in Europe now?

The member states of the European Union are working together to harmonise standards, directives and regulations related to the placing on the market of electrical energy consuming products and their eco-design.

Most of the products connected to the electrical networks are concerned and the regulations resulting from this collaboration between EU member states are applicable from 1 September 2021, depending on the family to which these products belong.

Because the "lighting" family is concerned, GREAT accompanies you to better understand these regulations and the new obligations they entail.

EU 2019/2020* REGULATION defines the ecodesign rules for a light source including energy performance, lifetime, power consumption, ..., to regulate its entry on the market.

The old incandescent and halogen technologies, highly energy consuming, are no longer allowed to be sold in Europe.

ONLY COMPLIANT LED LIGHT SOURCES CAN BE SOLD. Shenzhen Great Technology only works on led pool lights. They are very energy efficient compared to incandescent and halogen pool lamps.



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