Full epoxy resin filled led pool light is perfect in illuminating the pools?

Many users who know about underwater lights know that full epoxy resin of led pool lights is an excellent solution for waterproofing, but this also brings another big problem, which is the accelerated light decay of led beads or chips.


We have a customer who had this problem before working with us. The lights were 18W and 25W warm white and after only 7 months of use, more than half of the led chips were no longer lit, seriously affecting the brightness of the lights and the normal lighting of the pool.

Defective light (2).pngDefective light.png


Eventually, on our recommendation, the customer used our structural waterproof luminaire and within 2 years, no light-fading issue occurred. It completely solved the customer's problem and helped the customer to save about 500USD in labour costs.




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